Unstable Cradle

The fifth year of my life was one that changed my life. A year that would help determine the person I was mean to be. You think what could happen to a five year old that would be that life altering? That was the year my mom left my dad! So my dad turnt around an dleft me!! However like any absent co-star he always managed to make a rare appearance to mentally and emotionally abuse me. While keeping enough distance to not become involved but close enough to hear of my accomplishments. A man of very little words he always remembered the ones that cripple and detsroy me to the core, leaving my heart in a bucket of tears alongside my onfidence, encouragement, innocence,and childhood. Everytime I rebuilt my courage and my sanity he always managed to play the leadiing role to break it back down again. i needed and outlet and that is when I began my secret love affair with the arts! It helped rebuild that confidence he abolished. Now I dedicate my life to others like me who have grown up or are growing up in an unsaatble environment1 I am the voice of the fatherless epidemic!!!!
alyrical alyrical
22-25, F
Sep 21, 2012