Half of My Childhood

My father used to suffer from depressions caused by the way he was treated by his own father. When I was born he had been married to my mother for a year, and as I was told by my psychologist(who used to be my father's psychologist when I was born), things were like totally out of control. She says the situation was one of pain and confusion for my dad, and fear and worry about me for my mother. As I grew older I have always felt that something wasn't right, but on the other hand I didn't know what the feeling meant because I was used to it. There have been financial problems because dad couldn't work. One time we were kicked out of our apartment because he hadn't paid the rent. We have lived in a car for a while, then with my grandparents. Of course I didn't know. I only realized years later.

There was this time when a girl at school told me my dad was gonna go to jail. I didn't understand. I didn't believe her. I never asked anyone about it. Years later I was told that it was because he gave things away to customers at work, to make himself seem like a better salesman(he sold cars).

The one thing I most clearly remember about my dad when I was very young, was that he used to read to me. I inherited his love for books. Somewhere along the way it got better, and he's okay now, has been for years. I think my mother deserves all the respect she can get. Even though the situation was horrible at times, she got me through nearly undamaged, as well as herself and my younger brother. I owe her a lot.

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Some of us with emotionally absent parents grow to be the most sensitive and emotional people...<br />
SHHH...i"a secret" "can't watch someone else cry without crying myself.....don't tell!