Mine Dosent Care.

My dad didnt die nor did he go out and save the world. He deserted me when i was 1. I never knew him until the age of 10 when he should up and decided to be some kind of dad. Which was never really his strong suit. One day i woke up we were at his mothers house( my grandmas house) and he was gone. it took him 5 years to resurface again. He was never there when i needed him. There were times i cried myself to sleep wishing i had a dad that cared about me. I didnt even care if it was the picture perfect family. The saddest thing was that when i was 5 he gave up my adoption to my grandparents because he didnt want to deal with it. I just wish i had that loveing father. But with this being said i will be the best damn father i can be.
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If anything your situation with your biological father will show you what not to do when you become a father. Be the best person you can be and let yourself heal. You rock!

I am around the same age as you, and pretty much in the exact same situation as you. My father was no good so my mum left him when I was 6 months. I saw him maybe 2 time between then and now, I am 18 in under a month. My elder sister recently got in contact with him..he came to visit..once..that was it. I never showed up to greet him. I realised like the above person said, he is not a father, just a ***** donor. I wish you well. I know itr hurts, just know it is no reflection on how lovable you are..just how ..utterly crappy he is.<br />
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Thanks I will try.

I hate to say this and I am not being mean. Just because a male gives up his ***** into a egg. Doesn't mean he is a father. The word father is only used by those who have brought up their children from birth and have given too you as a person. ***** donors are just things. I hope that your grandparents treated you well. Do not go on thinking about the ***** donor because it really doesn't care. Do not look for your father in your relationships to other people. Get on with YOUR life and treat yourself well. I am sorry your heart hurts but please go on.