I didn't grow up with one. I didn't really understand that I had one tbh.. At 4 I couldn't really comprehend that EVERYONE had a mommy and daddy. Then at 5 he visited me for my birthday. I wasn't sure how I felt but i was sorta happy. But I didn't talk to him after that. 11 years later, I'm still without a dad in my life and honestly I can't complain. If he doesn't wanna talk responsibility and recognize how great his kids really are (he's had more besides me that he left) then I'll let him. My mom has done a wonderful job and I thank her for everything. She's stepped up to the plate as both parents and really showed me I did matter despite my ***** donor... I mean... Dad's decisions may have been.

I just hope that more parents realize how important it is to stick together and try a little harder to fix things with their significant other for the sake of their kids. It's rough not having both there.
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Aug 18, 2014