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Venus Fly Trap bog that is over 5 years old.  When it grows new traps in the summer, they are as big as half dollars! Carniverous plants are such an enigma. We also have several types of Sundews. We have several types of Pitcher Plants too. We used to have Many Tropical Pitcher Plants but they had to be kept indoors in terrariums in the winter and the soil and moisture indoors bothered my allergies and asthma so they had to go.  Our bogs are over wintering right now and are dorment but soon they will be up and reaching for the sun, waiting for their next insect victim!

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Cool!!! I will definatly have a look at those pics - sounds so neat!

I have posted some pictures of our bogs! Check them out!<br />

Except for the tropical pitcher plants, they all stay outside, even over winter when they are dormant. They have to be put by themselves in bog containers of peat moss and sand although you can put the flytraps and pitcher plants together, the Sundews require a little more sand. Then in the spring, we just cut them back and they grow like crazy. Remember, you need only rainwater or distilled or R/O water because the don't like minerals. They get all of their nutrients from their "food." I will put some pictures up this evening.<br />

Very cool! I'd love to grow exotic plants like those, but I can only keep weeds alive LOL<br />
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Do they require high intensity discharge lighting or can they survive under fluros?Do you have to fertilize them when they are active, or do they get enough nutrients from the insects they ingest ? Can they co-exist with other plants in a mixed garden?

You go, girl! let me know what you get! There's also a must have book "The Savage Garden" by Peter D'Amato.

I want my own evil garden. I will have to go to the nursery this weekend

They are nearly self sufficient! The grow in peat moss and a smidgen of sand. The love rain water but when there's not enough of that you have to use distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water. They will wither with minerals. The like the acidic conditions. The grow in the wild near pine trees! <br />
People like to come around and spring the traps but that's not good because they only have like 5-7 springs before they die! It takes about 7 days for the trap to digest and reopen.<br />
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I think Pitcher plants are the neatest! They secrete a nectar that attracts the insect. The insects follows the nectar until it falls in the trumpet and drowns in the digestive fluid of the plant where it is dissolved for the nutrients!<br />
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I think Sundews are the cruelest of all. They are covered in these tiny hairs and are covered with this goo. the insect gets caught in the goo and the hairs and just is stuck there as it just melts with the enzymes of the goo!

hey they are the coolest!

I am soooo jealous. I want to have a bog, but I can't keep anything alive. Very neat. :)