this is my plant... hes beautiful :')
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it lokks like haircombs

Hoe do u get urs to grow so well mine always go to flower then die?

youre not supposed to let them flower, it uses too much energy

Oh right sound I never knew that thanks :-)

thats awesome! good on ya, I've always wanted one.....or two. =)

ty ;d

That's so beautiful...


That's a cool plant! how do you feed the plant. :)

it catches insects by itself :P

Man that's so cool! They look like aliens :D

haha yeah :P

Where do you purchase those?

you can get them from department stores like lowes and home depot, but i wouldnt because i bought my first one from lowes and it died :( so order online but you have to pot it and stuff

Kayp I'm getting one soon!

good luck

Are they super expensive??

nope, theyre only around $10

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Scary and cool at the same time😉

ty lol :D its just a plant, how is it scary :P

How long have you been growing them?

ive had this plant for a year and a half

Oh wow,awesome!

beautiful! I tried to do this, I absolutely love them. I failed :(

yeah theyre kinda hard to grow properly but once you learn its awesome :D

i'm all inspired again!

good luck :P id recommend not buying any from stores that put them in terrariums, theyre actually not supposed to be grown in them at all :(

ok cool thanks for the tip! any more u can give?

if you can, try to grow it in sphagnum moss and give it lots of sun (i grow mine outside in the summer 24/7, but usually they need alot of direct sunlight) and only use rain water or distilled water.. sink water will kill it because of the minerals in it because it gets minerals from eating bugs

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