So Mouthguard It Is.


I must be stressed, this only began in the last year. When I make it big, I'll indulge in veneers, but until then(or if then never comes), I need to look after my teeth and go to the dentist ASAP.

Anyone have a solution for this potentially harmful problem? I do not want to wear my teeth down, but I am not too keen on a mouthguard for sleeping.

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I use to grind my teeth when I slept. but then I left my job for a few years and the grinding totally stopped, I have since returned to my job but still not grinding. I think stress is a big contributor, remove the stress the grinding may stop

Woah, so many years passed.<br />
I don't use a mouth guard now, haven't for awhile. My wisdom teeth are doing tricky things... one day Ill need to use the public health system to get at least one of em out.<br />
I should get another guard tho, because I kn ow stress still triggers it.

You, get a mouth guard. They are not that bad and when the stress level is lowered by your resolve, you might not need it until the next big stress thing in your life occurs. I was grinding my teeth and waking up with a headache and jaw ache. Once I got the guard, all was good. Now I don't wear it unless I am stressed out and I'll wear it to make sure I don't grind my teeth any lower than I already had!

I have been using the mouthguard for a long time now. It is not a special custom dentist one, so it has slightly altered my teeth arrangement, although not drastically or noticeably (Unless I clench jaw). One positive is that my wisdom teeth are now angled in such a way as to never bother me. I haven’t had pain from them in months. <br />
I do need to go to a dentists, like I need to go to a doctor, like I need to post my manuscript away, like I need to get a new job, like I need a lot of things.<br />
I’m just so darn complacent, which is probably how I stay so happy; but not worrying much.

I have a little understanding about this, since I assisted my first husband, a dentist, in counseling his clients. <br />
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ALL of the information above regarding use of a mouthgard is helpful, HOWEVER, as soon as you can financially do it, get to a dentist. The mouthgards made specifically to fit your teeth do the best job. <br />
<br />
If you are working regularly and can get something called a Care Card, which is a credit card with your dentist, you can put it onto the credit line and pay in increments that suit your financial situation.<br />
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I just did 4,000 dollars of work that way.<br />
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Good luck, <br />
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Anybody out there have a "mouthgard" that will keep<br />
racial and ethnic slurrs from coming out of people?<br />
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LOL, <br />
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Nyquil PM? Is that prescription or somthing that I can get anywhere? I have resently stopped using Valarian to aid my sleep, perhaps that has somthing to do with it.

youth seems to that to one - keep ya busy like that. i remember those days ... ahhh the good ole days. lol def do something for yourself in regard to this. i literally chipped one of my front teeth one night while in the grind mode. my teeth slipped and *CRUNCH* i woke up immediately. not only did i know instantaneously i'd chipped/broken a tooth but i was near certain i'd dislocated my jaw! lol to katiemae - i worked for a couple years in an oral surgeon's office. i have personally suffered from this for years. what happens when you grind your teeth is the muscles become extremely tense and are 'flexed' at all times. this alone is enough to cause the popping. then when the jaw, mouth, teeth become sore we begin to hold our jaw in a certain alignment that is not necessarily natural in order to ease the pain. when we chew or anything else that requires a jaw movement and our jaw is 'postured' rather than loose and aligned naturally it IS going to pop... with that said, i'd get a second opinion on the jaw breaking!

Thanks for your help, have followed links and considering advice. I'll get a mouthguard as soon as possible, and when I get a chance (Have the money available) to go to a dentist, I will. I'll look into jaw stretches, and I believe what was said about back problems, it could be closely related to posture as well (I'm always trying to get my posture right)...But I think the biggest cause would be lack of physical exercise, I've been living the padded existence of the city for awhile, I need a way to use up that leftover energy. I suppose this telemarketing job does not help when I have to sit in stasis eight hours a day... but that’s not going to be changing any time soon.<br />
I used to meditate; I'll have to find the time to start again. I need to learn to relax again, rather then packing every waking moment with activity. Even my writing is a form of exertion...I need to relax…not be so keen to keep myself busy.

I think the jaw popin you are talking about it TMJ. I went to a dental specialist who told me the only solution was to break my jaw and realign it. <br />
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ummm no thanks!

i've done this since my earliest memories of life ... i too have tried the mouthguard thingie ... i was to the point that i literally would chew it at night and sometimes i ended up spitting it out in my sleep so i could go on with my nightly process. all the chain dept stores carry a cheap mouthguard in the sports dept. it's much like that which the boxers and other athletes use. that seemed to work well after i chewed the expensive one to smitherines TWICE! here's the bad thing ... not only does it mess your teeth up but it can and will increase the tension in your muscles (head and neck) so much so that it will actually pull your neck and back out of alignment - don't ask how i know ... ugh! that is a LOT of recovery. the best thing i've found is to take about an hour before i intend to fall asleep and do jaw stretches, meditation - basically relaxing stuff. also ... i'm not sure about your personal habit but ... chewing gum really seemed to aggrivate the problem further. hope it gets better soon. the stress isn't worth it!

I have the same thing-it hurts and is embarrassing. A mouth guard is the best thing-I know you're not too keen on them. I used to wear one, but that was years ago and I'm not sure it'll fit now. You can get less expensive and perhaps more comfortable ones at CVS. <br />
There's an excercise if your grinding has led to "jaw pop" (when you open your mouth wide, it cracks). The idea is to align the bottom and top teeth on a regular basis. The one I've tried-while awake (not to prevent grinding, but the effects)-take a pencil, place horizontally between front and bottom teeth and align. You don't need the pencil, it just helps the alignment. Also, look up "brusixm" (I think that's the tech. term) on WebMD.