I never realised just how much i grind my teeth when i sleep, not until a few weeks ago. I woke up with something unknown stuck in my throat, which later I found to be a piece of one of my front teeth. I had grinded my teeth so hard that my front tooth BROKE!

[when I was little, the same tooth broke and the bottom half fell off! (i hit it against a metal bar!) and then had to get it replaced with a fake part. a piece of this fake part is what broke off while i slept.]

Very uncomfortable experience, but I'm ok now =]
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Ouch, pretty scary stuff. <br />
Katiemae80; people often dream about teeth falling out, it is one of the most common unpleasant nightmares, it's a pretty yuk dream, but if you have the same dream often, you will be able to use it as a notifier that you are dreaming. If you know self hypnosis, tell yourself 'Next time my teeth are falling out, I will do a reality check'<br />
Have a look at my group 'I do reality checks' if you want to know a few good ones.<br />
Thanks for sharing ya’ll.

That is horrible. Good thing you did'nt choke on it or anything.<br />
<br />
Every once in a while I have a dream that all the teeth in my mouth are falling out one at a time. I think those are the nights I am grinding the hell outta them.