What Is Happening To Our Children

As a child growing up in my times we had imagination, we climbed trees play with dolls up to the age of thirteen, go to the park with friends and when we'd fight we'd use our fits and tommorrow we'd be friends again. We'd respect our elders, girls will be little tomboys riding bikes, climbing trees and never wanting to wear dresses and as for makeup that was only for grownups. Today children have no imagination everything to them is technology wich is making the children loose their ability to dream. Why dream or fantasize when you are given the real thing or it is realistic. They're living in the enlightening time nothing is hiddened from them. I remembered being told that babies came from a stork, lol and I believe it. Children had morals, respect, and inocence. It is sad to see so many children going astray and so many children being depressed and I can't understand what is going on. They don't have chores to do, and if they do they get paid for it, no responsibilities, but for themselves, video games, television computer, cell phone,etc and yet they think they have a hard life. What if they had to get up early feed the cow, get eggs from the chickens for breakfast and hope they don't pick you, get water to bath and wash the dishes all this and more before you go to school every day at five am. I remember being told that going to school was to learn, educate yourself not for friends or to socialize and getting into trouble with or because of friends. Today school is for socializing, fashion, gangs, bulies etc. Todays' so many children are lost and is going through some sort of fight within themself that if you ask them, why they did whatever wrong they did, listen carefully to what they say, they would say everthing else besides answering the questions and all you'll get is that they are angry about something, but they'll never use the words, '' I don't no.'' I don't know one parent that is not having serious issuses with their child or children today. You can't speak, correct, or discipline them, they fight you back with all their might and these children believes that they are so right. I remembered back in my days when you parents spoke, it was the law, you'd listen and be obedient no talking back. Children today belive they are intitled to what ever they want. Children are our future and anything that happens to them or is going on with them effect the worlds' future, when I say the world I am talking about humanity.
leadress leadress
46-50, F
Sep 8, 2012