Happy Mothers Day!

I am New here but I wanted to post Happy Mothers Day to everyone like me who gave birth to children who turned out to be mean little Heathens in abandoning us. Am I Angry? Yes.  Am I Hurt? Alot..       I will soon post my story. But Happy Mothers Day Anyway!
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I just joined this group and am reading your story. I hope it isn't too late to respond. I want to say Happy Mother's Day to you too even it is a bit late. Mother's Day has been hell for me for a long time without my son. He never acknowledges me at all. The only time he did was when he was dating a girl and wanted to hide his lack of relationship with me from her so he showed up at a Mother's Day brunch with my daughter. I thought he turned over a new leaf but not because he has gone back to his old ways since he won over the girl, married her and is now having a baby. No Mom should ever have to go through this hurt and pain everyday and then especially on Mother's Day. I just try to be real good to myself that day and do things I like to do or things that make me happy to get through the pain. My friends and family are aware of the situation so they come through for me which is very helpful. All I can say to you is hang in there and be good to yourself. Remember, you are a good Mom.

Happy Belated Mother's Day! I did get a text from my only child, but that was it. I'm just learning to accept things as they are. He is a charming, funny, callous and inconsiderate person that I love. Expecting our relationship to be different doesn't make it so. I finally decided to stop giving him opportunities to disregard and disrespect me after he did it again a few weeks ago. I realized he was now 18 and I was not obligated to suffer it as I had been. As from any other adult who treats me badly, I withdrew. I've not gotten an apology, but realize from previous experiences that even if I did, it wouldn't be sincere. For my own emotional wellbeing, I am moving on.

I have tried to kick start forums on this topic but it never really seems to take off. If you look many of the postings they are years old. I think this a topic that many people cannot relate to or do not want to talk about. I hope you have better luck.