Three sons were brought up as evenly and as fairly as possible- until school ended and the university lists were offered. Middle son selected Cambridge whilst brothers selected places very appropriate to the studies they wanted to do.
Middle son ignored his family from day one at Cambidge. We were not good enough for him- he was not getting the special attention such an achievement demanded. Yet we had been determined to be fair and just to whatever those sons decided to do and never show favouritism.
We struggled to keep the family in tact- visited sons at colleges, phoned, wrote and treated each the same. But number two slowly showed signs of superiority to his brothers and parents. This got increasingly worse when he selected Oxford to do his PhD.
His younger and older brothers met wives, had children, and middle son finally met a superior girl and had a superior wedding to which we all attended and where he ignored us all as though we were not welcome in his haughty circle. We never ever indicated we thought he had made a mistake- but 6 months later the wedding fell apart. I offered love and help and sympathy, but was rejected over and over again, And to make it harder for him his brothers` marriages moved forwards and are still positive. Now we have minimal contact in spite of offering finances for his new home, love care and communication. I cant do any more- but the question why is in my mind every day of my life, and I know it will never be answered,
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66-70, F
Dec 2, 2012