I Know This Is Creepy

Yes, i love when my neck is bitten or kissed. Like, my whole body has a reaction and i start to lose my mind, but it sucks because when i have a boyfriend and he finds that out about me, or even finds that "spot" he will always use it against me. Now i did say that this was creepy, but i love it when i am bitten and can feel blood or when they draw a little blood. Now i am not talking about ripping my neck open but yea i like the force. It all falls into place about how i like it and how everything should progress.
I can't believe though how fast  i will just become submissive it sucks!
But i think what it is with me is the near close power the guy can have over me and i like that in a guy. Not being a total *** but just in the right time, that part comes out, it drives me so crazy!D

amn it, now i'm thinking about it...hahaha!
Lifeoutofashes Lifeoutofashes
Aug 11, 2010