Nape Fetish

If you want to get laid with me, all you have to do is find a way to lure me in letting you kiss my nape (back of the neck)...I'll be a slave of your love. So if you wanted to ignite the fire with me and share the best lovemaking ever, you can start at the sides of my neck and stay ample time at the base of the skull to the middle part that connects my shoulder and head (as shown at the picture logo of this group). It was the reason why I married my husband. He was about to kiss me but when I moved my face away, his lips landed on my nape. It was a different sensation so I told him to stay longer there . The kissing built a fire that sparked through my spine, to my heart and down to my knees and to the insides of my body. I can't explain the exact words which made me ache for more...and the rest is history. From then on, no man has ever done that yet. If one does, maybe I might fall in love again (laughs). Now a secret fetish revealed!
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I am taking notes.


I've noticed in my experiences that a lot of women respond that way....

Miss Forest
A welcome giant approaches from behind. Gently slides your beautiful raven hair to one side. He is intoxicated by your fragrance. He closes his eyes and softly begins kissing your nape. Moving from your nape to your ear lobe. All along the hairline. He wraps his arms around you, holding snugly as he begins to nibble on your nape. You can take no more and turn around throw your arms around his neck. Gaze into each others eyes for a moment. And press your lips to his in a deep, passionate, French kiss.
Would that work for you Miss Forest.

perfect!...but I must wear heels, am an elf!

No the giant will simply pick you up in his arms.

giggles. ;P

Perfect. I do like how you describe it as growing "helpless", too...

mmmmmm sounds good ;-)

Message me

nobody tells me what to do. I DON'T WANT TO. **peace sign




so you thought you can hypnotize me with BOLD lines? I always hit CAPSLOCK on my keyboard and it does me nothing...Lol

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You are a very attractive woman with beautiful long hair and a sexy neck to nibble on........want to become friends.....licks


I love kissing this part of a woman. Very sensual for me too. I love when a woman melts and the heat overtakes both of us!!

Melting like a candle! Lol

Such a lovely candle too. Makes magic in the air. Mmmmmm getting hot in here! Lol

I don't wanna start the fire. Guess I should blow out the candle...Hahaha

Careful doing that, you might just fan the flame.

hmmnnn....having second thoughts...:)

The flame isn't such a bad thing, huh? Nice to warm up to.

Yeah..I know! :)

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I guess now they only question is will said husband be watching or joining us?

I'll bet you are one of those back of the knee girls, who like a bit of kissing up the thigh, then a firm slow bit into your groin, probably need extra towels to help with the deluge. lol

yeah, you bet!

My wife gets goosepimples on her thighs when I kiss and nibble her neck. She can't take it for more than a few moments before stopping me.

I am the one for you baby, just try me


Can I kiss your Nape?


mmmm.... Gonna try this one! Thanks....

Its wonderful when we can isolate and repeat what makes us hot and ready to ignite our passions ! Kudos to you ! What other errogenous zones are special to you ? Im Peter .

kisses on my inner thigh and a bite on my shoulder or butt...Lol

Id love to plant kisses on your inner thighs and bite gently (but too gently ) on your shoulders and *** baby ! wink

Of course I would keep coming back to kiss your lips everytime you melt. :)xx

I would always be waiting for you. :)

exploring is a real turn on.

Necks are one of my two most erotic spots on the female body. The ankles are my second favorite. those two turn me on sooo much!

ohh..thanks..though some women don't want to be touched there or anywhere else...the frigid ones!<br />
<br />
I read one of yours have a poetic side!

I love to stand behind a woman and wrap my arms around her and gently kiss the back of her neck and slowly run my hands down the back of her arms.

ersatz I guess men are prone to wtihdrawal, not women (laughs).<br />
<br />
Bleed regardless, it is arousing

I am totally the same but with ANY part of my neck. Bitten, kissed, licked, teased. I'm melting just thinking about it......


Naturally... Hehe


Definate turn that, and nibble my ear=MELTED!

hehehe...craving for that!<br />
<br />

;-). Here's kissing the nape of your neck. xxxxxxxx

I bet the the story tickles that's why you loved it... hehehe

I guess no one could say what is good for one is not so with others, so exploring is the key, not to mention the journey to something even more pleasant. Loved that story

yes exploring leads the way to the best discovery of intense passion for such intimate moment...enjoy the bliss!

thank you. so nice to get some feedback on this "zone", was recently told about a magical spot, but she wouldn't reveal the location. might do a bit of exploring to enjoy the journey AND its destination. ;-)


I have a long-standing attraction about the nape of women's neck. I never thought women could love this as much as I do. Nature is playing games with us humans.

yes, it's been awhile here though I crave for it everytime<br />
and I like kissing on the nape as well..behind the ears

yes it is...hahaha..have you experienced the same thing?