Fallen. Hook. Line. And Sinker.

I don’t like people touching me – especially if I do not know them well. I hate it, in fact. My personal bubble is my space and no one else’s.
There are those people who love to bear hug others and wrap people up in their big embrace. I’ve had people do that after, like, the second time I’ve met them and I seriously take a turn to avoid seeing them again because I don’t want them to do that to me again. If someone comes too near to my ears, I panic. My English teacher sprayed water in my face one day and I had no idea she was going to do it, I sprang out of my desk with a yelp. Every optician and doctor I’ve been to knows that I’ll begin to flinch away if they want to look in my eyes or ears. Once I attended some masseur thingy with my sister and some friends and the girl practicing on me eventually gave up working by my eyes and ears. People near my face without my consent is dangerous for their own health… call it a nervous twitch… but I have often accidently quickly stepped away only to stumble onto someone else, swatted with my hand to put distance between us or flinch so much that it becomes unbearable for me and the person close to me.
My one friend has a habit of biting my finger if I point it at him and even though I put up with him trying to cut through my flesh, it becomes annoying because it actually hurts! Some days I feel like biting him back and ripping off a piece of his own flesh. O.o But, I’m no fan of meat, so, for not I’ll just slap him. My cousins also do that to me when I scold them for smoking or drinking as excessively as they do, but they’ll get to my shoulder, arm or something like that. When family members kiss me on my cheek or forehead, I grimace. Some of my girl and guy friends and I will greet each other by planting a light peck just to the side of the lips. But those that do that have learnt that it’s less than a slit second long.  “Touching” isn’t on my “To-Do” list. Neither is “Biting.” =/
But for some queer reason, my neck and collar bone has always been a sensitive place for touch.

Lost strands of lonely hair falling over my neck…

A gentle gesture of a hand on my neck…

Brushing finger tips slowly along my neck…

Faint fluttering by eyelashes dabbing my neck…

Warm air from a mouth ajar escaping to my neck…

Light tickles of a tongue tracing across my neck…

Silent bursts of blood vessels from forceful inhales through the mouth on my….

The pressure of lips pressed against my neck…

A sharp jab of teeth carving temporary indents…

And, whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate, one certain EP member tends to stray to exactly there. My sarcastic wit flies out the window. I am distracted. Not even distracted – I just can’t think or react. For once I’m submissive. I’m weak: my knees, my arms, my body. my mind. I’m drowning in a sea of helpless surrender. I’m his without him even having to try.
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Glad you liked it. =) Uhm, I can't.... =/

add me .. im not into physical contact at all either,, u will see if we chat ever

great story plus pix to go with it... who needs to read a book today? that did it for me :)

What were you trying to distract her from? =P

This girl I dated kept telling me that, when I kissed her neck or collarbone, she couldn't think of anything anymore... she was completely distracted. So of course I kissed her there all the time.

Thank you, naughtylad666! =]

beautiful pictures and nice story

Given enough time, and the right situations, falling for anyone is possible.

*walks away innocently*

I could...

Well, looks like we have a man to confirm! =D *giggle-giggle* Have any special man in your life you'd like us to drop a hint to for you? ;)<br />
<br />
Oooh, I like that "steal your air," part. I agree with that. =/ *shudders* It's creepy at times. O.o The only time I willingly 'touch" someone is when I fall asleep on my one friend's lap. But besides that... eh. Nerves could explain a bit? * raises eyebrow* Thank you! Glad you like it. =]

*applauds bleed*<br />
<br />
Hell yeah..... i love it..... being nibbled, and the gentle stroke of hot breath on my vulnerable neck...<br />

*goes blood red* Creature? Yes. Gorgeous and delightful? No.<br />
<br />
*sighs* It's true. They think they know it all already. *shakes head* They don't mind sliding their hands up legs or something like that, but it's like, they're scared. =/ The male and female body is not to extremely different - nor the way we think.

I just want to know when men are going to wake up and read these stories. I don't know of any women that doesn't melt when her neck is kissed, licked and bitten yet men rarely stray that way. I've even had men go weak at the knees with a little neck nibbling so it's not just us ladies either.

Well I am an officially ordained priest (really) so if for some reason the fellow is unable to show. . . <br />
<br />
Fallen in love with that gorgeous, delightful creature you're marrying. :)

Priests are religious.. We need a Justice of the Peace >.><br />
<br />
Fallen? I've fallen many times..

Mmm - need a pries to perform the ceremony? ;P<br />
<br />
Have you yet fallen?

Probably not, different time zones and all..<br />
<br />
I'm a little..

Mmm - I might be able to do something dramatic . . . any particular time?<br />
<br />
Should I be frightened?

Ah..<br />
The wedding is Friday. I guess you'll wait until "If any of you can show just cause why they may not lawfully be married, speak now; or else forever hold your peace." and interrupt?<br />
<br />
She stole a kiss from me in another story's comments o.o

Mmm - I don't get jealous easily, and I tend to try and solve conflict as nonviolently as possible. :P <br />
<br />
Besides, I haven't registered you two as serious enough to be dangerous - yet.

You don't instinctively?

Am I supposed to fight?

*shakes head at you*

*watches with amused smile*


Oh, of course my dear.

*grins* I cannot wait - sounds amazing. Seems like we're going to have a roller-coaster of fun. =P Oh, don't forget our duet in a hot-spring shower... me ripping your shirt off.... ;)<br />
<br />
Lol, me no like no touchy and that ain't about to change. =/ Lol, I figured as I was reading through bio notes. =P

Interesting story . Maybe you should overcome your touch phobia, learn giving massage to someone else . There is a lot of nerves in the neck , try foot massage as a beginning . Have fun

Just for thought-provoking, we'll jump off the cliff into the water, climb aboard a boat and go to the island, where there will be an underground choo-choo that will carry us to a roller-coaster park, rented out just for us. As the day gets darker, so will our inhibitions.. ;)<br />
Wrestling, hide-and-seek-ninja, throwing-fork tag... just the beginning..<br />
Any of this can change for your pleasure.