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The Conversation

We were just talking
when my hair fell across my face.
Your fingers twitched-
I caught the motion out of the corner of my eye.

It's just my own natural gesture, to brush it back over my shoulders
but when your hand moved, 
I longed for you to tuck it behind my ear
like you did that day
when I cried--
by the way, thank you for keeping that confidence.

I went on to explain
my hands describing large arcs
as I created a mental picture for you.
You looked into my eyes
and, momentarily, I couldn't remember what we were speaking about.

And then you reached up, and your forefinger was
a feather touch on my pulse.
I knew no one saw,
but I could feel the presence of 27 other diners
and my breath caught in my throat.

You put your hand back in your lap, 
but, like Colin's kiss, 
I still feel your teeth on my collarbone.

210112 RR

RascallyRabbit RascallyRabbit 31-35, F 11 Responses Jan 21, 2012

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i don't get it! :(

Haha, i just dont get this fetish at all haha. Good story though

A public act of intimacy and submission. In bending down to taste the surface of your flesh, he is equally exposed. You're worth the risk, and it's safer in most restaurants than on the savanna or at the edge of the forest.

thank you. the risk of public acts is the subject of much introspection. i shall think with my pen.

oh, it's a good day in the warren ! i'll go see if i can generate some more creative sparks.

*fans self*

Simply just love it..:)

Awwwww, so many of our most powerful moments are captured in such simple gestures.....I LOVED this . Soooo beautiful and real...... ♥

Doesn't make it any less powerful

thanks, you guys. it's not exactly a true situation, but it almost is. With a little help from Sara Teasdale.

simply beautiful, rabbit. Simply . . . beautiful.

Nice. Evocative. I feel the tension.