Stealthily, you sneak up behind me.
Your strong hands gently resting upon my slight shoulders.
Your lingering touch brings a small contented smile to my face as your fingers lightly brush my fallen locks aside, exposing the delicate area that loves to be nibbled.
I sigh dreamily and tilt my head as your warm breath sends shivers throughout my body.
I can feel your mouth hovering above my flesh, making me close my eyes in eager anticipation.
I am putty in your hands....molded by your touch...softened by your kiss...helpless...

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*smile* thank you.

MMMMM...thank YOU darlin....check your email...add me....8-)

I bet you like well written 'vampire' movies ;)

lol..I don't want to be drained of my blood, but there is something appealing about dangerous and mysterious men ;)

There was a television series a few years ago that only lasted one season called 'Moonlight'. It starred Alex O'Loughlin (who is currently in Hawaii 5-0). He played a vampire in the series. Any episode of this NEVER fails to make my wife wet.... I bought her the entire series on DVD.. lol

lol....good man! And she probably thinks those dvd's were a selfless gift ;) haha.