A Caress, A Stroke, A Kiss, A Nuzzle, A Firm Touch, A Soft Bite, A Dream....

Is it not strange how the neck is so obviously there, and yet touching is so frighteningly private and intimate. How I feel just thinking about it. So often, in my fantasies, there is where my thoughts go. A stranger coming from behind nuzzling and refusing to turn around and let me see his face. A boyfriend doing the same against the kitchen counter. A touch behind the neck and his face getting closer for a kiss, only to back off leaving only the memory of that lingering touch for my dreams. That kiss, finally, with his hand softly around my neck. A bite in the heat of the moment, releasing me when I need it the most.
Softly touch my breasts and I'll think of sex, softly touch my neck and the world stops, waiting for more. Kiss my breasts and I'll get all hot and bothered, but kiss my neck and I'll just melt.
Gently bite my neck and there is ever nothing else but you.
EverSparkling EverSparkling
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012