One Of My Weakspots

My neck is an easy way to make me practically melt in your hands.
Breathing on it, licking it, kissing it, biting it, sucking on it. It doesn't matter. Anything to my neck sends chills down my spine and renders me pretty much helpless.
It's an easy way to get me going. That's for sure.
MsHachan MsHachan
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

and i love the neck .....the nibble on the ear lobe, cat bite the neck.....

most of the people have the same weakness. well, infact this isnt a weakness though ...

I call it a weakspot. Not a weakness. As in a spot that can make me weak at the knees. Turn me into puddy. Melt me like a popsicle. Whatever you wish. And yes, I know it's a turn on. I refer to my neck as a weakspot though.