At First I Didn't

This was something that took some getting use to but now I love it. The man I'm married to now when we was dating was the only guy to do it. When we had our first date and he came to my house he began to do that. I didn't say anything but in the back of my mind I was like "HOLLY **** WHAT IS HE DOING"? It was painful but before we met he told me he was into stuff but I thought he would just nibble but he doesn't. He's left bite marks on my neck plenty of times and I bruise easily so I've had a few light bruises on my neck too. But where I guess I'm getting use to it I don't have as many bruises now. I remember one time while we was dating I spent the weekend with him and he got a little too drunk. Well he got in the mood to have sex and I was sober but also in the mood too. He began to bite my neck and also my cheeks on my face too. He was a little too rough but I kinda enjoyed it. The next morning I woke up and neck and face was sore and where I bruise easily it left bruises and bite marks. I looked like somone beat the hell out of me lol. I'm suprised his mom didn't say something but she didn't. But now I'm use to it and he does it alot. Sometimes when he does it while he's doing it he'll suck around on my neck. While doing this it's like my mind goes blank and I get lost in the moment and it makes me very wet. I get very turned on by this.
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Do you have long or short hair? I also like to bite and suck on necks. I wont leave any bruises. I like to play but not hurt. The reason I ask about the hair is because it makes it easier for me to get through to your neck. I can suck you with long hair, then give you a short cut so its easier to bite on your neck and then you can't hide the bruises.

i have long hair

I will need it out of the way. I find it sexy when my woman bears her neck so I could come along and just suck and bite it. It there were any bruising it could easily be covered up.
I will nibble away at your neck until you are dripping wet. Then I will enter you.