I Love Growing Herbs

when i was twenty three with two young children,my mother in law asked me if i would like to grow some herbs.she knew of a lady who had baby herbs of all kinds.we drove up to her home ,and she did have all kinds of things . i wasn't a good cook back then.that is one of the best things about growing herbs .i know i became a better cook.that first year i had only a few things but i branched out with a long list of sedative herbs,valerian, lavender ,passionflower and all the others.my children could name many many herbs even at two years old ,we were all like sponges gathering up all the information we could about our little friends.we would get so excited to see that our rosemary  made it through our winter.i built gardens with the girls .since then the girls have grown up and i miss them,but i know some of the things we learned together have stuck with them.my daughter had her second garden this year.i am very proud of her and her gardening skills.both children are great cooks ,and adventurous eaters today .herbs helped me through some difficult times.in the winter i studied them and in the spring and summer i tended them.i will always be grateful for my mother in law starting me down this garden path.

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Thanks for the Hill Hardy recommendation. I must ask the nursery if they have this variety. I have no idea what is the name of the current one. It has pretty blue flowers in spring. I planted it on the ground very near to the house, hoping that it will share some warmth from the house wall during winter time but clearly it is still too cold for this variety. I did managed to gather some springs for summer grilling this year but I'm not very confident that it will survive the coming winter. If I can find the Hill Hardy, I will plant it in pots instead. Thanks again.

hey muchasgracias,there is a variety of rosemary that is more hardy called "hill hardy".also the larger your container is the better chance it will have .either go big,or small enough that you could bring it inside.your lavender and thyme sound pretty!i was taught always to contain mint in containers ,because it does go so wild.you can even set the containers in the ground ,but i never thought of using it as a ground cover,what a good idea.i fry my sage leaves in butter and top butternut squash soup.yummy!thanks for reading my story.

I got into herbs while looking for ground cover plants for the garden. I started with mints because I like drinking cool ice tea or water with crushed mints leaves and freshly squeezed lemon during summer months. Ö boy! was I shocked to see how my small mint plant grew over the last 2 years! They are now all over the place and they really make a good ground cover plants. <br />
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I have a slope planted with nothing else but lavender and thyme. The lavender are doing great but the thyme is browning in patches. Maybe this year was too dry. <br />
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I have sage which comes back every year in spring, but my rosemary is looking very pathetic. Half of it went brown from last winter. I did covered it with fleece last winter but it is still too freezing cold for this mediterranean plant. This year I only had half a rosemary plant but I will double fleece cover it for winter this year. Hopefull it will survive.