Grow Food, One Answer.

Clean air, fresh water, good nourishing food.  Basics for human existence.  Humans can exist without them for approximately four minutes, four days and about two or three weeks respectively.  I graduated college as a sociology, visual arts and environmental science as fields of study.  What was taught me was essentially we are SH-t out of luck.  Most political art I have ever seen, or socially  conscience communication Okay stuff is really messed up.  Stop whining about it do something. 

I was guided to  some under developed land near my home on the windward side of Oahu and started to clear it and help the indigenous plants I found there flourish.  I have spent the days off I have from earning a living, working on this property surrounding Ulupo Heiau, for about the last twenty years.  For the last six years a Hawaiian man named Hanaloa has tried to show me some of the cultural aspects of Taro farming and I am very grateful to him.  We continue to clear the land and produce food supplementing our family and friends diet.  I these times of economic insecurity and environmental crisis, taking simple decisive action to connect more with the land, indigenous peoples, and renewable resources it advantageous to us all and so many levels...  Fiend

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

That's wonderful. You're lucky, but also diligent. Excellent!

This is awesome I wish I had a way of starting something like this :D