I Don't...

 ...but my stepmother does.

There is a lot of stuff in her garden: carrots, green beans, eggplants, tomatoes, radish, peas, onions, parsley, chives, ...

I love meat, but self grown vegetables are just great, especially those onions, so tasty and spicy.

And the salads, she makes, wow.


Hacki Hacki
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I think an herb garden will be fun.I'm on the 2nd floor and no space..bummer..Good luck on your new garden!

Home grown vegatables do taste better and are better then store bought. Straight from the garden ..full of vitamins! Gardening is fun.I had a garden for many years. Every year it got better and bigger.I love the smell of fresh tomatoes..fresh Basil is awesome.