Don't Scare The Kiddies!

I do growl, usually when I encounter a person I consider a threat.

Now, I lived in a homeless shelter for a while, and all 200+ women and children living there were required to attend chapel every night.  I always sat near the front with my pal Pony, close to a cluster of moms with preschool-aged kids. 

This one night, the guest pastor...ugggggh.  His energy was awful, and to make matters worse, he was misquoting scripture.  (He had chosen to preach on two of my favorite verses, verses I knew inside-out, backwards, and in multiple translations.)  I began to growl with the first words he said.  And kept growling.

Pony was used to this; most nights we left the chapel and dissected the sermon. 

But this night, I kept growling.  And growling.  Preacher Guy had stopped pacing to our end of the stage, staying well away from us.  I doubt he realized he was doing it.  He made another misquote.  I growled louder.  Finally Pony poked me.

"Stop it, Plaid," she hissed.  "You're scaring the kiddies!"

I remember looking at her.  In Pony's credit, she didn't flinch. 

"I'll try."
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Nov 27, 2012