Most Often!

Lately, there has been drops in my internet connection... Also, the electric of my house had a malfunction and has to be rewired. So sometimes, it's either the net will go out or the power! I always scream the "sh" word and then growl up a storm! :-(

AND, it's always happens when I'm in the middle of conversation too! I could be replying back and forth with my boyfriend, Momo. Or in the middle of a webcam chat with my best pal, Philip. Then, click, disconnected! It's enough to drive me up a wall! Grrr! :-/

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I can't blame you, Shadow. Our internet connection is unreliable too and it makes me want to growl and throw my laptop out of the window sometimes...

When I was your age we had a different sort of problems. We had a party line. A party line meant you shared your phone line with several other house holds. When you wanted to call out you might find some one was talking on the line. Worse, if you were talking to a friend you might hear a click that told you someone was listing in. we growled back then too…DD