Mr. Cheney Is A ****.

What's with shotgun **** spouting his evil **** all over the news this weekend?   

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12 Responses Feb 15, 2010

"Evil" is a very interesting choice for words. Every time I saw **** Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on TV "Evil" was always the thought that came to mind. I remember they promised the Iraq war would, "be nothing like Vietnam." It was exactly like Vietnam, we were trying to build a government with and everyone with any influence or power was corrupt to the corp...just like Vietnam. They were, "going to pay for the whole war effort with the sale of Iraqi oil...what an abominable lie! ...and not to mention shooting lawyers out of season, after drinking "a beer" for lunch. Oh how I wish the lawyer had shot back.

I have no issues with his wife except for the fact, that for the life me, I can't understand why she married him...she could have done so much better. Hi Puck! :)

I do know that he scares a lot of people. His time is past. His wife Liz, may be taking a more active role though. HI Nancy!!

I'm sorry Puck, personally I just don't like that man. He has and always will scare me.

Not much time to comment, but all those pointing fingers at Cheney, have three fingers pointing back at them. His wife is very smart and has a lot of good ideas. Al Gore is several rungs below Cheney being as he is an active con-man trying to scam his own followers. Cheney is a bit hawkish, but everyone forgets all the Democrats who were in agreement with him on Iraq. In this world, if it wasn't for the hawks, the doves would have nowhere to roost.

I agree Frito, Cheney is a damn good joke. (Shotgun, face...yeah, right ****.)<br />
<br />
Oldboxy---How could I forget the 'Don'? **** and Don are cut from the same soiled, black cloth.

It is good and right to see "evil" and "**** Cheney" mentioned in the same sentence. I think evil and Don Rumsfeld go together too. The world would be a better place if neither of them ever held a high office.

But Nancy Cheney has given us some of the most hilarious times ever.....I can never forget the "shotgun" incident....Letterman milked that for a year. :) Now I har the name Cheney and I crack up! :)

Al has a soul. **** has a black hole where his soul should be.

No.<br />
Yet they have their similarities -- both former VPs, and both full time idiotic scoundrels who continue to somehow have a voice through the idiotic scoundrel media.

Al? Cheney is no Al.

Grin and ignore it.<br />
He's just following Al Gore's lead.