My Privacy Is So Important to Me

There are different kinds of people in the world; some of us enjoy company, while others much prefer quietness and solitude in their private lives. I definitely fit into the latter category, and I don't feel badly about it either. I like my private time, my solitude; I am often happiest when I can slink away from others and work on a story in some corner (I do need the lights on, though). I have a sister who recently got her own apartment... I go to visit her weekly, but it seems like she's not doing too well living by herself in her place. She likes having people around to talk to all day long - not me! I wish I could live by myself, but my financial situation doesn't allow for that to be. I don't need someone to wake up with; matter of fact if I lived with a man, it would probably only be a matter of time before the relationship headed south and we wound up parting ways - ah well. I need my privacy so much that the only way I'd be able to live with anyone (including the man of my dreams) is if we had separate bedrooms. That wouldn't mean 'no sex', mind you - but it would mean 'we will have separate sleeping quarters'.

I would be happiest like that.

Armine Armine
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Good story.... Armine..........thanks for sharing...................:)

Yeah you wouldn't have to put up with his snoring! lol you are interesting person. take care