I have an inner 12 year old that is brazen, inquisitive, curious and at times demands attention. I try to keep her under control but, she'll stomp her feet and hold her breath.

She likes to get on my email and write long posts to people... Probing for answers and pouting about her insecurities. She is raw and honest like most 12 year olds.... Quite a handful indeed!!

Theres only one who can handle this brazen inner child... Softly and consistently reassuring her that there's nothing to be sad about. Drying her tears that fall from fear of the unknown. Controlling her when she becomes too wild and carefree - bringing her back to earth with a simple command. She challenges his patience but, she loves him with all her inner 12 year old existence.

You see, it is not I who is the handful - it is my inner child!!
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And who is this miracle worker who can handle your inner child?

Nice. Is he a member here?

Do you live close by? Or is this a long distance relationship? Have you actually met? Don't hold out on me; I plan to live vicariously through you.

So, you haven't met yet? I have met a couple of people online who live on the other side of the world. I adore them, but wouldn't want to look forward to anything more than fun and friendship online, as I know that it would not work for me.

:o) good. I wish you well.

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What a delightful self assessment.

May she live a long and joyful life