The Empty Wine Bottle

There is a empty wine bottle, on top of my fridge
It was placed there one night, after a nice dinner for storage
It was to be a reminder, of that night of cheer
when two people that were afar came near

Dinner was great, steaks cooked perfectly
the wine went down easily
Two people smiling for the first time
That night was perfect, with that bottle of wine

Our affair lasted one day shy of a month
Been 14 days since you left, yea I am counting some
That empty bottle of wine just sits there
I cant bring myself to throw it away, why do I care?

I guess it reminds me of a feeling I felt
A feeling that doesnt come around to often, like snow, it melts
So I sit and stare at the empty bottle of wine
I guess I will toss it eventually with alittle more time

Man that feeling was so euphoric
Sad it had to end, so aburptly
I am left with a empty bottle of wine, to remind
I wasn't the one for him or he wasn't mine

JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly
46-50, F
5 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Catchy! sometimes a gift from the past a gift in which you can grow new habits, new relationships, new personalities, new changes!

A wine bottle, some people grow plants in it. And make this would symbolize a growth of a new you with the time to come.

Fortunate in some ways that it only lasted a month. Even so I can tell that it hurt and pain is seldom pleasant. Sounds like you fell pretty hard, and like most falls those abrupt stops really get to you. It has been a very long time since I have been hurt in that way, but you have reminded me of some times that while I may have been hurt badly; looking back I would gladly do it again. After the heart has time to mend I hope you feel the same.

Remove that bottle and replace it with a full one. One that will remind you of good times ahead, Laughter, love, friendship and togetherness. Keeping an empty wine bottle as a reminder may someday empty your dreams and your heart and may become as dry and lonely as a singletary wine bottle on top of the fridge......... Celebrate ThaBreeze like the rest of us do :-)

WOW , that was a nice post, am not one for poetry but this was nice

The sad part of this story, is it's true. That empty bottle of wine is still there. I will throw it out soon.... Thanks

Oh dear, I am sorry you have had to go thru this, and I Just meant to appreciate your style and the fact that it was touching, said that truly it is sad but I guess you have the courage and you will move on

This was a very interesting post. I have a similar story but my headboard has three empty wine bottles on it. I guess that I wasn't meant to be married.