Where Did They All Appear From?

Coming back to EP after a long break I've noticed the racy profile pics have multiplied. I've noticed a lot more sexual groups recently too and from likewise people trying to add me. I just don't go looking for friends or the groups about being rammed hard, ******, and orgies on EP haha. 
Marowit Marowit
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our dirty minded instincts r .now in vogue and the world is now sexualized...on the internet now anyone can watch nude pics and..**** in a matter of minutes.we r now exhibitionists and people r obviouusly turned on by it.

dreamer676,<br />
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I think is more than taboo - its ignorance. There is soo much out there people do not know about or have never had someone to share with. <br />
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Does it make me double boring if there are no nude pictures and I donot go for the **** groups? <br />
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Kindly a plain vanilla person.

I agree with both you dream676 and wannashareit, express all you wish-why not here when its the internet and a site specifically for doing obviously just that. And personally sex and other "taboos" of society don't bother me, even the inc#st stories on this site because its their lives and not mine. What does irritate me is when EP users are personally and purposely going out of their way to be j@ackasses and harassing on these topics. <br />
But then again you'll meet people like that anywhere. Thus, this light argument can last forever.

Well the thing about EP is that it boasts that you can be yourself with complete anonymity. I think that's gonna naturally mean that users are going to talk about sex and other taboo subjects. Mostly because they aren't taboo here. Nudity and such is sometimes unnecessary and having or not having nude pictures within a profile, is solely to that users discretion. There is an option that I have seen whereby you can check a box to flag something as inappropriate for children under eighteen. So you can't really worry about children finding something they shouldn't, well depending on whether the users are paying attention when they post. <br />
However I agree with you in some senses, but also feel that sex and nudity are very much human things that we don't get to talk about/express often in human interaction, without feeling embarrassed or prosecuted. Having an sense of being unknown is naturally going to make people come out a bit more about who they are. Their sexual sides as much as any other. <br />
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Not that I am trying to say that doing as such is a good thing, or that you should change who you are or your opinions on things. I merely felt the need to add my viewpoint on it :)

I think you've summed it up.

I agree.