I would never say I am boring but I am very particular. I do not show my body to everyone and I am completely faithful when I am in a serious relationship with another person. So if it makes me boring to not have nude pictures posted or to have sex with every man I meet then I will take that label because I am proud that I have a man in my life that cares about me and that takes great care of me.  
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Some of us refrain simply for aethestic reasons.

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naked pics? well yeah every guy who likes girls wants to see naked pics, but you're not boring, you just hold to a higher moral standard, nothing wrong with that, in fact as a guy, I want to know I'm not with a woman who shares her goodies with EVERYONE

I don't post those here or share them with anyone.

pics like that are meant for just you and a close friend/lover. My GF and I only share them between us.

The eye sees ALL of you. The eye longs to see you. The eye knows all.

If there's nude photos then there's no mystery. Boring is a subjective view of people who don't have anything else going on in their mind. We're not boring to those kinds of people we do want to attract. :~)

Can u call me 4158460870

I don't mind posting nekkid pics......wait, do they have to be of me??

No nude pics of me on my profile. So I must be SUPER boring too...lol If one is going to reduce someone to what they look like naked & have that be the only reason for them being interested in someone, that person is DEEPLY shallow!

That's it, I am deleting you from my circle ASAP......oh wait...I um....don't have any nude photos either....never mind......*blushes*

Dog gone it fungirlmmm I thought I was going to see nude photos of you . *pouting*

well it just shows your not a scutter and that you are a good person and not some kined of big i am nob lol fair play showing people thatyour a decent person

Hmmm I think they can't make it interesting if there is no nudity on it O_o


I'm boring, too!!!! and proud of it!