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I`m Boring - No Naked Pics

I guess I must be boring cause I don`t have any naked photos of myself in my profile. 

Huh huh, I can be asked a thousands of times and it will never, never, never happen.

I don`t disrespect the one`s who have them but this isn`t for me and never will be.


Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr 36-40, F 6 Responses Dec 7, 2010

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I don't either, but I do send pics to selected people. Would y ou add me to our circle.

That's ok you know your limits and stick to them good for you

You're not boring for not wanting to post your naked pics as long as you like being naked at home or in front of the air conditioning repairman! :-)

Very few ever venture into that arena. You don't have to have them to be sexy here and enter into sensual discussions that arouse interest and sexy feelings. Just a thought.

You are totally normal. It is very very strange that the internet + broadband has led hundreds of thousands of women to upload explicit pictures of themselves to the internet. Many look like they were taken by a husband/BF, but a lot are self-shots. Many, perhaps most, of these women do nothing to conceal their faces. I grant there is safety in numbers, and posing naked is a relatively safe way to be daring and bad (better that than one night stands without condoms). But it is also the case that we cannot control the diffusion of intimate images of ourselves. It doesn't take much to destroy a career, as former Congressman Weiner discovered to his dismay.

pics like that are meant for just you and a close friend/lover. My GF and I only share them between us.