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If I Showed You The Goods,

then you wouldn't want me.  Part of the excitement is the mystery and the anticipation of what you will see once you take off each layer of my clothes.
The exclusiveness of knowing that I chose you and only you over everyone else to share my body with. 
Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 3 Responses Sep 7, 2011

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maybe guys like me are ****** in the head tho cause half the time i don't even wanna put it in the woman i'd rather see her with another bigger guy this goes for gfs as well if i'm with em i'd still think this way lol but i don't tell anyone cause sofar it's not something i have found that women like and i'm 30 in 6 months and wanna have a fam so i keep quiet

You do sound like you know how to enjoy your chocolate Mahal and silver surfer you clearly can appreciate grandeur. There are many things better than the real thing - the real thing is limited by, well the real thing, where as anticipation and in some ways memories as well can be better than the real thing. For example I had an amazing childhood here in Scotland and when I think back at all my experiences, I remember them all happening on warm and sunny days. Since it is often pishing wet, freezing and blowing a gale here in Scotland, I know the real thing could not actually have always been like that. But my mind has, all by itself, amplified the positive and supressed the negative. Don't get me wrong, the real thing can be amazing.

Strong, I like that you amplify the positive. SO you're in Scotland, huh? I've got a friend that I've been dying to visit that lives there. You should post some of your childhood memories. Sounds like a good read.

That's heavy duty, but true in my opinion. The anticipation of eating a tremendous bar of chocolate is often better that the bar itself.

Strong, I beg to differ. When the thought of something becomes better than having the real thing, it means you've lost your apprecaition for it. While you favor Mars bars, I favor Lindt White Chocolate truffles. Just the vision of that familiar gold wrapping makes me smile. I can spot it a mile away. And the smell before I even unwrap it....hmmmm. Once unwrapped, I take a small lick of the hard white chocolate shell as to tease my taste buds. Most people can eat the whole thing in one huge bite. I close my eyes and take a small bite. I let my tongue linger over the smooth filling in the center. It feels and tastes smooth, sweet and creamy. The chocolate itself is most definitely so much more better!!!!!!

Smacks Monkey's hands away and points finger at him to tell him he must learn to savor......and not be so quick and impulsive all the time. May need to tie you up to teach you a lesson!!! lol!!!