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Oh. I'm not boring. Far from it. But if you rely heavily on visual stimulation, well sorry this ain't your sippin' tea. I believe in intellectual stimulation. Conjure up a mental visual and run with it. I firmly believe the reason as a Society we are so very jaded and hypocritical is because very little is left to the imagination. Subsequently vivid and active imagination is in danger of becoming an endangered species. If you don't believe it, look at how many 'reboots' and remakes are floating around out there or in the pipeline. I mean in this day and age you mean to tell me you can't think of a unique concept to make a movie about? Or a series? But I digress. You want a T & A Fest? Pick up a copy of Jugs, or Hustler. I'm not even remotely a prude. I consider the human body a work of art. But out of respect for myself, my family, and my life partner no....and uh no.....lol
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We were supposed to put naked pics up on here? LMAO! You're right though, some people are a trip. Naked pics on the net are just a no-go.

Though I have no problem sharing photos of myself (what can I say, I'm a natural exhibitionist!), I agree with what you say regarding the concept of imagination as an endangered species. And if you choose not to share images of yourself, well, THAT is a VERY personal choice, and no one has a right to criticize you for making it. You clearly have MUCH to contribute, and you need not add visual stimulation to your repertoire, as your intellectual stimulation is quite enough! Thank you for all of your sharing.

I added pics of myself so that my friends might know what I look like. But they aren't nudes.<br />
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My grandfather, who was a connoisseur of beautiful women, preferred women in one-piece swimsuits, modest clothing, and only a little makeup. He said that imagination is far better than reality, so it's best for women to leave something to the imagination.<br />
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I agree. I think women who put it all out there for the world to see have given up the air of mystery which makes women most alluring.

Check out my profile! I've got NO pics nude or otherwise,but like you I like to work out how people tick,how brain works and personality along with heart!

No, there WAS A comment here. But I have a Zero Tolerance for Spam Policy...lol

When people I don't know get random and send links I smoke 'em....