My Wife Pics.

My stories are mostly about my wifes experiences over many yrs. She had very attractive boobs and they are still attractive despite the changes over those yrs. I get comments from EP men wanting to see her pics, especally her boobs. One man wants to get it off looking at those boobs. She is actually very modest. There are no pics. Even her partners who seduced her have seldom seen her boobs but they sure enjoyed feeling them . Most of her experiences happened in bed or in the dark of a living room or in a car at night. I dont know the details since i was usualy not present. but wished I had been there.
She trusts me not to take pics of her. so I guess we are boring
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3 Responses Mar 6, 2012

you are not boring. To be honest, who stops and takes pictures when enjoying sex. My wife has also had fun with others but there are no pics.

Pics or no pics, I can imagine your 'boredom'! But I think you need to understand that biological drafts are often strong but short and not useful when it comes to a long expedition of sailing... :-)

What the heck?You are talking about your wife's sexual experiences??where the heck are you during this experience? I cannot understand how you would enjoy talking about your wife having sex with other men