Im Still Not Doing It Tho

Its just not me, Im defo not shy or a prude (although some people here think I am LOL) but I don't want naked pics of me floating round the internet :-) 
There's one man who's allowed to see me naked or pics of me and he aint on EP
Gemzaayy Gemzaayy
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Any time i see nudes or hot pics i assume the person got them off the net anyway lol.

respectful things i'm not the guy that does **** right and honestly after my life i've had it don't matter to me what people think of me i'll do what i do and say what i want and if they like it cool if not sorry

Respectable. I like getting to know people here before seeing any pictures. But I have to admit I'd like to see you with pink hair or not

When I decide to go for it again your going to see me with pink hair :-)

Thanks honey

Your welcome :-)

it's all good i honestly wasn't asking tho when i saw the post i had to comment though in light of the conversation i'm def curious lol

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