I found this group quite humorous, I, for one wouldn't post such pictures, I would find it to be quite demeaning. Instead I post regular pictures like of my artwork, my photography, things I find awesome...just nothing revolving around my naked self...if that makes me boring, then so be it.
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You find the "naked" body demeaning? WOW! I find it rather beautiful, stimulating, and sexy.

aren't you quite the charmer? The naked body isn't demeaning when shared with another you care about, but when placed frivolously online in self-taken photos. It's quite demeaning, but to each their own there. If you like gross, dirty men staring at you, then by all means post photos like that.

You guys don't expose yourselves for free on the Internet for the whole world to see... Wow you really are boring! No I'm kidding I feel the same way. It has nothing to do with how I look, I'm just a really modest person. Modesty used to be a virtue ; )

Modesty "used to be" a virtue. That's correct, used to be as in the past just like it used to be believed that god's wrath resulted in lighting and thunder, but now we know it's the result of cold and warm weather fron't colliding. Just because you're ashamed of showing your body others aren't.