To Shy

I Have always been shy about my body... I would feel everybody would be laughing at me and posting bad things about me.
kaysdone kaysdone
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3 Responses Jun 10, 2012

You don't have to have nude pictures. Many people here don't and probably never will. They just like this site and finding out that others have the same issues and desires and feelings as they do. Be well and happy. and thank you for sharing.

yea well been there done that tis why i don't care now had all my clothes taken and was shoved into a gym filled with people in highschool got laughed at even and humiliated and now i just don't care dude in the showers came up behind me even and put his **** into me not in into though and idk why but honestly its why i'm ****** in the head with sex cant talk in person about it never had it till 21 and haven't done **** really and need to for some reason now so yea sorry just in a mood

I don't think your giving yourself credit----Your just a little younger than me. When I was in High School I weight was 132# senior year now I'm 212. Thats what age and liveing does. Remember we all have good in us, just some of us have a hard time showing or being by peple because of our shyness.