I Am Boring...

... in fact I am a Neek = Nerd and Geek!

No I don't have naked pictures in my profile.
I'm fat, overweight, hairy, 5'9" tall, with tattoos and a small, shaved penis... NO ONE on this Earth wants to see that as a profile picture!

What is this obeseeion with naked profile pictures?
Cheap ******** material is what it is!
Want that? Go to a free **** site - lord knows there's enough of them, not to mention the abundence of dating sites advertised on this site (!!!!)

Do yourself a favour... talk to people on here, get to know them a little before sending them a naked picture. Do you really go up to people in the street say 'hi' and then show them a naked picture of you on your phone?

Really? You do?
Dudes... you need help! lol! :D
Invisible75 Invisible75
36-40, M
Jul 9, 2012