It's just that when i created this group the other day, i was feeling like such a nerd for not being so explicit with my sexuality here...which is pretty much how i am in my real life as well...and that makes me feel kinda boring and insignificant...some guys say they're all about intelligence and a great personality over looks and sex...but come on. *long silence*...please!
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put ur **** in my ***** u"ll feel ok..

Yes, since writing this post i have realized that. :) thank you. NP

story of my life rayjbady (ie. those type of fan requests). they haven't even stopped now that i'm "royalty" lol...*sigh* NP.

Know what? It's supposed to be about experiences, isn't it? Not a hookup site. URgh.<br />
I've gotten 7 different fan requests today and they're all sex-hoes.

thanks fb.

i agree faucon, people can do whatever they want. i wasn't ob<x>jecting to the nudity on this site AT ALL! but it's just something i would never do...and i felt a bit boring comparative to it...but now i am happy to be boring


thanks mtnmig. bf.

By the way, my comments were not directed towards you specifically since I don't know you, i meant it in general terms.

Well i agree but i wasn't being narcisisstic. I don't need affirmation (on this site!) that i am desired because i don't really put myself out there in a way that would be desirable anyway. lol. i purge my real issues on this site and most of them are ugly, depressing and unattractive. i am not here for dating!...and if that makes boring then i'm happy to be...thanks 4 ur comment. bf.

A person that needs to peddle their sexually for attention likely has little else to offer and they attract people that have no other interest in them other than their sexuality. <br />
<br />
I think there is enough narcissi on EP, there is no need for more people wanting affirmation that they are desired. I think it is best to first be appreciated before being desired.

leave the nuddies for myspace and<br />
I came to this site to get away from that.....

thanks for the awesome comments! (except hth13 lol) bf.

I couldn't agree more, be yourself, it's much nicer! <br />
<br />
You're not boring nor insignificant! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise because you don't post pictures and on top of that, there are more interesting subjects than sex. :)

Be you and that's perfect. Respect is better then the opposite.

I think we've got enough attention-seeking little promiscuous nutjobs running around EP. Be something different. Please.