It Is All For The Best

It is all for the best, at least that's what I'm saying today. It's what I said yesterday. I choose to make it all for the best. What would my other option be? It is all disastrous? Isn't as settling to me for some reason. So I will stick to it is all for the best.
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With certain crisis it's hard for me to do that. Maybe once it's settled I can look back & say that. I give you credit.


Simple and to the point. The way Life can really be.

I wonder how we can look at Life again as if we were 3 years old.

I am reading a book and it talks about trying to see the world as a child again. That as kids we don't see limits and we say what we want without hesitation whereas adults we limit ourselves and don't see we can have what we really want. It's interesting. Your comment reminded me of that. Thanks :)

Ooo! Do share! Books like that are great for my own internal inquisitive mind. You are most welcome! :)

The book is called This Is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal...easy read. Good, commonsense info.

Thank you very much :) I shall give it a looksie.

No probs...

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