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Ladee Is The Tramp

Vivagalore Vivagalore 31-35, F 10 Responses Jan 26, 2013

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geez :))

What is seen cannot be unseen.

Poor thing! o.O try to listen to music to forget the ordeal.


And I still like her shoes!

They are pretty..but they'd kill me!

Yea I can only do heels every once in a great while :( I cant walk in them, I've tried before and was a big epic fail, I remember my feet hurting so bad lol the only times I would have heels if I could have a car and I dont have one so that takes me out of the picture for awhile :(

I just love high's the same with makeup..I love to look but when I put it on I feel smothered and dirty

I love heels ... You get used to them. I don't wear them all the time though because of the threat of a zombie apocalypse!!

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The back lipstick was a tad OTT, no? ;)

lol it is kind of weird, I thought it was for some movie or something.

I really like her shoes.

Don't you mean his shoes?

her shoes. well no matter where you come from, if you out in the open and ur a man dressed as a woman usually they perfer to be called her instead of him. So I say I like her shoes.

Okay, that's your choice. :-)
I don't play along with people's fetishes when I'm not a consenting partner, so I don't call men in a tiny bikini women, just like I treat ageplayers as adults and not as little kids.

Its not a fetish for some people it is but some of them also go through gender issues where they are confused about who they are, if they want to be a woman than why should I condem them? I am not above anyone else. I am not saying you are either, just saying personally someone can be whatever they choose. If a man wants to be a woman than why not? If a woman wants to be a man than why not? If a female wants to be a female than why not? If a man wants to be a man than why not?

again I really like her shoes. Love high heels as much as I do Jordans :D

When was the last time you walked the streets in the above outfit? That's not 'being a woman' or 'gender confusion', that's a fetishized charicature.

Wearing lipstick, high heels and a red plastic bikini doesn't make you a woman, who you are on the inside makes you a woman.
And having breasts, a vagina, a womb, ovaries and XX-chromosomes makes you a lucky woman, I guess. ;-)
Seriously, a real woman doesn't need to take a **** at womanhood like the men in these pictures do... if that's a "she", I'm ashamed I'm a she too, because it implies we both have womanhood.
If we're really going to give those people the 'she/her' title, I'd like to resign as a woman please? Make me something else, an alien or whatever.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big ally of GLBT people and their rights, but I think we shouldn't confuse a transvestite with a transsexual, that's pretty dangerous for all women (including trans women).

I am not talking about the picture anymore, I was talking trans women or men in general. OK I still dont think Im above anyone else. People can dress how they want. And a transvestite still has the same issues as anyone else, dont think for a minute they are not human to and they still dont suffer from the same gender roles.

I'm not talking trans people here, on purpose, because I agree on that with you, but I am argueing that there is a difference between "woman" and "man in women's underwear".
Do you understand that when a man puts on women's clothing and make-up, this doesn't suddenly make him a woman like you and me?

That's what I'm debating here, that when a man puts on a bikini he isn't suddenly a 'she/her' and 'one of the girls', it's a man wearing a bikini.
No genderroles, no transsexuality, no "being a woman", just a transvestite with a fetish that you play with when you indulge in their fantasy of "being a woman".
I'm condemning that personally, because I think it's rude to be expected to play along with someone's erotic experience like that.

Being a woman comes natural, even to (real) transsexuals, you can't tell me parading around like the man in this picture is actually "being a real woman trapped in a man's body".

I dont really want to debate with you about anything because debating something doesnt change my mind about anything. I am who I am and my opinions dont change for you or anybody else on here or the rest of the world.

And you shouldnt condemn anything I say or do. Its my opinion Im not changing it just to have a stupid "debate"

And I just said I am not talking about the picture anymore so get over it or continue argueing with yourself.

I did not ever say you were "expected" to go along with anything, I am not going to apologize for not changing my opninon just cos you have a problem with something.

Maybe 'debate' wasn't the right word, discussing? talking about? Something like that.

I'll leave it at this now, because you seem to be mad and thinking I tried to change your opinion, I only elaborated on your "they prefer she" and why I think that's offensive to women.
You're entitled to your opinion and if you identify with male crossdressers that's okay too.
I don't and just wanted to speak up, like I speak up about other issues that can be harmful to women.

Calling it quits now? I like you too much to have talks like these.

True I like you to. I dont get mad, I was just letting you know I don't change my opinions. I know of too many people on here who try and then get mad cos I dont agree with them. I know the difference between fetishes and that, but I also know about men who really do want to be a woman and dont have the money for sex change operation so they do what they can because they feel feminine.. this is all what I was saying, I was saying with those types of people they have gender disorders and not talking about some guy with a fetish (yes I do know the difference) and no I am not talking about the picture I am just saying some people really identify with another gender and really think they should of been born differently. I am not talking about anyone I know personally, I am just saying I can actually see that happening. Its just the same as someone saying "i was born in the wrong era" or "I think I was adopted" or ... I don't know something along those lines, everyone has those issues just different situations and different outcomes... if you pay attention to what people say we are not that much different. I guess more so talking about identity issues to I mean what do you do if you feel like your not you and you dont know you so you go and find out about you??? I'm just saying I do know from talking to a lot of people who do honestly open up to me through past conversations and just randomly talking to people (lol) this is what I gather from them. A lot of men who dress like women or women who dress like men are very confused because they dont even know who they are. I mean I get that through conversations from people that they dont really know either lol. This makes me not judge.

And as far as the picture goes, shoot if he feels pretty than who am I to judge him/her? Its not the BEST picture ummm yeah lol.... but I dont judge from a picture either, if I knew this person personally I would ask what he or she is all about or why they are dressed like that (first after I compliment their high heels of course!)

Well, agree to disagree about the transvestite thing than.

About the transsexual ("born in the wrong body") thing: my ex was transsexual, I like to think I'm fairly educated when it comes to this.
I totally agree with you when it comes to people who are trapped in the wrong body and just try to live life as themselves, as close to any other woman (or man).

You have to take into account I was talking about the picture and men like that and you weren't, because if you don't, we're not on the same level and it's logical you get defensive.
My whole point was about men who walk on the street, are on webcam looking for women to play with or going to a bar looking like the person in this picture (or something similar).
That and only that was my point, that men wearing high heels (no matter how pretty one thinks those heels are), a red plastic bikini and make-up are not women like you and me.
I for a fact know that real transsexuals don't go out in public looking like that when they have an all male body, shame for their male body is an essential part of their issues.
If not, just shoot me now, because then all the stories from L. (my ex), all the articles I read with great interest and my own whole life experience of "what it means to be a woman", would be BS.

So, please remember that, all these posts were about transvestites who wear skimpy women's clothing (if you can still call it clothing sometimes) to me and NOTHING else.

OK I agree, I didn't think we were on the same level before, I wasn't talking about the man in the pic at all. See? We can have civilized fights here on EP!

I still like you.


I just related him to a her because I never know the story of one so I dont judge I just assume that if your in womens clothing you probably want to be called a her, since I know some people who are like that. I mean not personally but if you called them anything else they would get mad.

Could you call me Goddess-Queen of the Universe than? I like to be called that. ;-D

Would that call a truce?

Goddess-Queen of the Universe?


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wow! I hope its warm there

That's what I thought of when I saw the pic .... I think it was the hairstyle and location !

Boy, he really wonder he's half crazed lately..


ugggghhhhhh i vomited a lil

BuT sHE iS sO SeXee