Forced To Blow Two Truckers Outside Adult Book Store

I was traveling on business and trying to save money since all expenses came out of my pocket. I was traveling on PA turnpike on business and stopped at an adult book store, believe it or not never in one so was nervous. Actually in parking lot it was close to hotel and this guy approached me and said I looked nervous, I was embarrassed and tried to say I wasn't but im sure he knew. he invited me to have a beer in the cab of his truck with him, I was nervous but figured what the hell. I remember getting in and he opened the door to the back area and told me to go grab a beer he'd be right back.

he came back and his pants were open and I was like, im getting the hell out of here. he just smiled and told me to give it a try, and that I really had no choice, i came into his home and needed to respect him. I was scared as hell he was huge and I didn't want to that I didn't do that. he laughed and said I can tell you are like that. He said, I'll make you a deal, jerk me off and i'll let you go, that simple. I remember asking him to just let me go there had to be a lot of people who would do that. he said he said I want you white ***** and I can just jerk him off and I could go or deal with the consequences so I said ok. anyway I started ******* him off and he moved and sat on the bed back there and I turned facing him and just knelt and jerked him off figuring he'd *** and i'd just go. as I was ******* him off he said, see, you need this boy and I remember feeling someone push the back of my head down onto him and just pull it up and down by the hair and the guy that was in my mouth told me id be in pain if he felt any teeth.

I remember just being pulled up and down on his **** and choking and gagging every time when I went down on it. after a while he said it was surprise time or something like that and his friend just held me down and he came a ton and I just kept swallowing to try and keep up. When he was done I got up to go and the other one said I wasn't done and I ended up blowing him too. they let me go and I just walked to my hotel room and went to bed.

When I came back from the client the next day I remember thinking im just going into my hotel room, had beer with me and not leaving. i guess i drank most of the six pack and was feeling woozy. i remember a knock on the door and someone said they had extra pillows and i wasn't even thinking and opened the door and the same two guys were there. They just forced their way in and grabbed me and pulled my clothes off and told me i should do what they wanted or they'd throw me outside nude and that there were a lot of truckers out there who would love to take advantage. i was scared as hell and didn't know what to do.
i remember the one guy told me to come undo his pants and i just did it without even thinking. i was scared being naked so just wanted to blow them and get them out of there
i remember he sat on the bed with back to backboard and told me to get over there and get to work. i remember my heart pounding like crazy and the other guy just looking at me like i better just listen or else. i remember getting on the bed and crawling over to him and just tried not to think and closed my eyes and went down on him. i was sucking for like 10 minutes and all of a sudden he grabs me from the front in a headlock choking me and i couldn't move. then i realized what he was doing, i was having trouble breathing and just stayed on all fours and then felt a finger in my *** with Vaseline or something on it. i panicked and tried to get away but he squeezed tighter and i stopped moving so he wouldn't make me pass out. all of a sudden the other guy is behind me and forced my legs apart and just forced it in, nothing ever hurt that much before in my life. he and the other guy were laughing and making me suck even though i was in so much pain. when they were done they just got off me and told me they'd see me again tomorrow but i was leaving in the morning so was safe.
Anyway i went ot pack car in morning and they were there again and the same thing it was like ground hog day but with me being raped over and over.
anyway im OK, but it helped make me who i am now, a submissive guy.
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2 Responses May 24, 2013

hey where r these guys I would like to meat them

My heart pounded as I read your story...I feel bad for you, but also good for me, because I do so enjoy reading forced sex stories. I would like to be in your shoes. To taste **** for the first time without wanting to...that's the best. I have also tasted **** in the last couple years, but those were "hook-ups". Love, Marcy. (I am hetro, but like to please my men!)

Thanks Marcy, i know how you feel conflicted reading but i think you had the right response. it\'s ok to enjoy someone elses pain sometimes, so many people like rape stories and get excited about them. maybe a year after that, not sure exactly i stopped at another book store and just went right in and figuerd i was safe and my god was i wrong.

That sounds like another juicy story!