Love Other Guys In White Socks

One of my big fetishes, alongside briefs and Speedos, is guys in white socks. I quite like guys in white ankle socks or soccer/football/rugby socks, but I love guys in white socks that reach half way up to their knee.

I always wear white socks, normally with my trackies tucked in. I often go to the gym to **** off to guys in their white socks. Or I find some hot chavs in the street to **** off to their trackies tucked into their white socks.

I certainly like wearing socks when having sex, and always wear white socks when being ******!
chavboy19 chavboy19
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Brilliant. Have always loved white socks myself too especially the football socks you mention.
Have also got a nice pair of very long white socks which *** right over the knees and up the thighs. These are the type worn by schoolgirls from Japan. Look much better on guys and boys though.