I Love Skinny Jeans With Heels

Wearing heels may be a challenge to men, however that may be because, they are being mixed with the wrong clothing. I relished this after wearing my heeled calf hieght boots, with my trousers tucked inside. problem was, the trousers always looked bulky above the boots. Now try skinny jeans, prefereably skin tight, but not essential, add shoes with a heel, my preference is heeled hiking boots with a 4" block heel, and suddenly it all comes together as a well fitting tidy coordinated outfit.
I let the cuffs of the skinny jeans slip over the ankles of my boots, and all the heels is showing. Tucking them into ankle boots, doesn't look so great. I have tried 3" heeled court shoes, skinny jeans with bare feet and cuffs turned up. Now that look taken a lot more glances than any other, even so 3" heels are like wearing flats.
Some other advice for new wearers, is do not wear heels that are too high for you to manage comfortably, be able to walk with out bending your knees, otherwise it may draw uninvited attention to yourself.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I love this too.

The pic in my avatar is calf length boots with out skinny jeans, and note how they bulk up above the knee