Great Sex!

Just finished having great sex with my wife. Today after work I took a shower and shaved my balls for the first time. I told my wife she would have to wait to see how it turned out. A few hours later she was giving me a hand job and loving the new feel of my smooth balls. She reached back and started to rub my ******* with a single finger....took my breath away. I told her to wait a moment and went to the closet to get her black *****. I lubed up my *** and put a dab on the tip of the *****, bent over and slowly slid it up my *******. She was laying on her back so I got on all fours and stood over her so that she could reach back and take control of the *****. I was in heaven as I licked her nipples and fingered her very wet *****. She really got into it. After a few mins I layed on my back with the ***** still in my *** and she climbed on top. Every time she bounced I could feel the ***** ******* me. I then admitted to her that I wanted to try the real thing and she began to thrust harder. I blew the biggest load of my young life. As I sit here feeling so fulfilled wondering when and if I will ever get to try the real thing?????
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Makes me want to shave my junk again. IF you've never tried the real thing, it is amazing.

Great story. You're very lucky to have such a loving and understanding wife. Keep up the good work. I shave too and just love a smooth **** and balls. Check out my shaved photo's.