Took It All

So I got home from work...wife was out and I had 20 mins till she got home. I grabbed her pink jelly double ended *****, its 12" long and 1.5" round. I took a hot shower, dried off put anal lube on my ******* and slipped a finger in. Greased up the head of the ***** with more lube, bent over and slowly pushed the head in my ***. It was tight and hurt a little (never had anything this big) but I just relaxed more and continued to push. Once it was in the pain went away. I began to **** myself with only the first couple of inches (like I said never had one so big). Oh my god it felt great...I ****** myself for a few mins then started to push more of the ***** in. I got almost the whole thing in. I video taped it on my phone then jacked off to it with the ***** still in my ***. Now Im hooked and almost wish I could try the real thing.
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26-30, M
5 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Yeah the fake ones are nice, but the real ones are incredible

Its an incredible feeling bouncing up and down on one....filling yourself up...nothing like it!!

the pleasure is great, then you get hooked

I love a ***** up the *** but the real thing is nice too.