Double Headed For Double Fun

  I would love to meet up with other crossdresser to share a double headed ***** and see who gets the biggest share!!

Pamala Pamala
46-50, T
15 Responses Feb 18, 2009

would love to join you on the other end.

I would voluteer but I'm a real pig and would probably suck the whole ***** up my hole.

I have a 12 incher that is not 2 thick , but I can take the whole 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The last time I had a double header I tried to take the whole thing.Never did but had lots of fun tring.The biger the better is right.I have one with a lot of bumps on it and think of making a new one myself.What feels good can make you want more.

the thicker the better!!!

If you like it thick, I own the python ...

Moving to Reno soon !

**** i would take you up on that one but im kinda far away too

me either oh well

Jest my luck . I can never find anyone near me !!!!!!!!XOXOXO LOL

We could meet somewhere in between ! I live in Wyoming


First one first served where do you live?

I would love 2 share with U Pamala !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No takers yet ! I will open it up for women to!!!! LOL