Tinkerbell And Mr Woody, Best Of Friends

My loving and beautiful wife sat me down and told me to start typing.  My name is tinkerbell and I am her submissive, obedient, oral, feminine sissy. Our love life is perfect because it is her way all the time for her pleasure. I am proud to be her ***** licker, my face belongs between her legs... front and back. I am a good little tinkerbell and she tells me exactly what that means.  I have breasts in my bra and a **** & ***** in my panties, just like a lady.  I like having my nipples sucked and I love rubbing my sissy ****, allmost all my ******* are from ************.  Most importantly I have my very own *****, Mr. Woody.  I have a ***** and I like to **** Mr Woody.  She first gave me a small slender *****. She has me get down on all fours and work it in and out of my *****. Good little tinkerbells love to get ****** and I am her good little tinkerbell.  She asked me how much I enjoyed getting my ***** filled and she expected me to be a good sissy and say I loved it.  But I told her I didn't enjoy it. She just grinned and told me I needed a bigger **** for my *****. The next day she introduced me to Mr Woody, its a cyberskin dream **** and it was much larger. Much bigger than my ****, she made me compare the two, smiled at me and said "just another reason you need to be a good little tinkerbell for me"  I turned beet red in embarrassment and that made her horny, she made me go down on her right then and there.  Then it was Mr Woody time, I used lots a lube and was a bit intimidated. I worked it slowly at first and eventually got the head inside me. She rejoyced, "Good TB, that a girl, **** that ****!"  next thing I knew I was taking it deep inside me and working it all the way in and out.  She told me she was so proud of me and took control of it. She was pumping it in and out of me and asked me "now do you enjoy getting ****** tinkerbell?"  I knew what to do this time around... Yes YES I LOVE it honey, **** my *****, I don't ****, I get ******!! I have a ***** in my panties and it loves to ****!!  Now I take Mr Woody all the time.  Look at me honey!! I am proud of my *****! I have an eager beaver for Mr Woody. **** feels so good inside me!! Just like it should for a pretty sissy tinkerbell!

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Feb 9, 2010