Naughty, Naughty Guy !!

well the wife left at 11:00 last night to go baby sit and wouldn't return till 9 this morning. by 11:30 i had already stuck a tranny movie in and crawled into bed. it was a hot Asian T girl movie and i quickly downed several drinks and got a good buzz. as i watched the movie i got undressed and pushed all the covers off the bed. i then laid down to large towels and stretched out on them. i poured a generous amount of baby oil all over myself and slowly rubbed my body down while watching the flick. next i got my home made anal beads out that i made from large rubber balls and nylon string. the balls are just slightly smaller than golf balls. i lube them up and managed to force 4 inside my ***. next i reached for my penice pump and slid it over my ****. i pumped it up till my **** almost reached the 6inch mark. my **** is tiny and thats the only way it would ever be close to that long. i laid back and fondled my very sensitive nipples and watched the movie. just as it was ending i released the pressure from my pump and slid the pump off. i stroked my swollen **** while pulling the balls from my ***. i came really hard and it felt sooooo ******* good.

i got up and fixed another stiff drink then put in one of my fave movies ever. its a hard core gay flick that has no dialog and is all about *******. its really hard core and very extreme. 4 well hug studs **** a twink ruthlessly threw out the movie. i started the movie then got my newest toy out. its a big black *****, 11.5inches long, a full 6inches around,(very thick) a heavy duty suction cup base. i took a small shelf from the cabinet and stuck the ***** to it. i climbed into the center of the bed with it and started watching the movie. i put 2 clamps on my nipples, (dam they hurt) then rubbed some anal ease on my ***. i lube the huge toy and sat it in the center of the bed. i straddled it, pushing it against my ******* and slowly and carefully lowered myself down on it. holly hell this thing is thick. i took my time and finely got past the tight spot then relaxed for a while watching the huge ***** bang the twink. i slowly start to **** this monster, getting just past half way. i ****** myself for quite some time while watching the flick. i got a good rhythm and then stroked my **** again while riding the huge *****. i cam extremely hard then laid back with the ***** still in me and watched the rest of the movie.....

she leaves again tomorrow night and even though i am just a bit sore i cant wait to ride that thing again. i want so bad to bottom out on it, but it may take a few more times but thats fine, i know it will be worth it......

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Feb 13, 2010