Our Very Real HOH DD Marriage

My friends advised me to make our story into parts 1 - 2 -3 etc. don't know really how to start after reading so many of your profiles and stories. My story yes it involves a bit of sexuality so now I get your attention like I really care. I'm not looking for the pervs or folks who get off on stories. My attitude is if it does great ! Really I'm happy for you. But I'm not writing an erotic story or anything like that but real true all american drama real life very raw as it has been casted. How did we get into being a HOH DD marriage/relationship ?
PART 1 :
              I am what is called a "change of life" baby. My Mother was my age when she gave birth to me. I was hailed as being special. My sisters who are 21 to 15 years older then I . It was so embarrassing for them. Back then parents didn't have sex especially with married daughters so it was a bit of a joke.
                 Growing up I was pretty much a Tomboy very into sports. I was forever helping my Dad fix this or that with early memories of handing him a tool. By age 12 I was cleaning his guns. My Dad retired after 35 years in law enforcement and followed him and I retired after 30 years. My Mom taught all her girls me included how to cook, clean, sew, iron etc. I was never hit on any place of my body well except boxing with Dad but never physically disciplined.

                 Now one day when I was a young teen 13-14 I was at my eldest sister's house. She had said to me that I was so lucky Mom turned down her offer to beat my ***. I was like totally shocked. Why? My sister went off and began to tell me about how Mom used to beat their *** yup with her hand,a strap, hairbrush bare *** all the time. I listened could not believe what she was saying. She said she spanks my nieces the same way. Well hearing all this I must admit admit it became sexually arousing. I was forever when visiting my sister getting her to tell me about the *** whipping as she called them. She like to tell about our other sisters. I developed the masturbatory theme of me spanking my older sister. I would also question my nieces after hearing that one of them got it. I got aroused if you will by their embarrassment retelling their experience. After just getting out of high school
I had just "come out" not so popular back then. My family has and will always be supportive of me as me to them. I just forgot about spanking and it theme it had for me.
              Fast forward I'm 30 years old very successful and dedicated to my profession I meet and fall in love with a 18 year old girl. Yes to some may look at it as cradle robbing ok cool your opinion. I always believed in working hard and playing hard I was very well known in a few bars. I was a one night stand especially tourists so last a few days of party. Never thought I want a relationship. The first six months was heaven then J started showing me a very bad side of her. Over the next 18 months we must have broken up at least a half of a dozen times. During that time my Mom has passed away so I was the only one living in the house. So when we were back together we were at my house. We had gone out to a club that evening and I noticed residue on her nose. She said she only had a "tasted". We came home argued more finally feel to sleep. I wake the next morning and made coffee sitting just looking out at the trees. I said to myself I'm going to have a civilized discussion with her. Then I just wandered off into thought seeing my sister sitting their and she discussing the merits of whippin *** once in a while when need. Played like a cartoon in my head. I laughed and dismissed the thoughts as silly. Ten minutes J appears in a tee and panties she pours herself coffee. I'm very pleasant good morning looking at her. She gives me her most twisted face then mumbles something. I said well feeling like you do is normal for people who put that **** up their head. Feel like **** right ! She turns picks up the cup screaming shaking the cup saying I want to throw this on your face. She then places the cup down I get up grab her arm bring her back to the chair I sit and throw her over me. I ripped her panties down and wailed on her *** she was screaming yelling then crying hysterically and finally I stopped when she was just wimpering crying I let her up she looked at me said " how could you ! " and ran to the bedroom and locked herself in. I tried talking to her through the door to no avail. All I did hear was she was going to get me in trouble. Oh **** ! I thought no I don't need a lesbian domestic beef in my jacket **** no I dressed and got out of there. I kept circling around to see if am RMP showed at the house. I then went to work and thought it would come down on me there yes ******** myself could not wait to get home. I got home she was gone and took all she had there and toothbrush. Good I said I don't need this really I mean I love her to death but have to draw the line.
                       Three days later she calls me and wants so much to meet have coffee and talk like we use to. First thoughts was is this a set up ? Cause I had thought about the spanking I gave her cause I really hurt my hand and it my shooting hand. I did think if she got bruised but she is of tan complexion. Then listening to her I agreed. So we get together. The first words out of her mouth is " sorry for everything I have done and I deserved what I got". I was totally speechless shocked. She then went on to pour out her life story. How she was raised so privileged and spoiled. How her life is so out of control and going no where. That I'm the only one she feels safe with because I will not take her ****. I at first thinking she is whacky then listening to her I started thinking of my sister and felt like I was taking on her persona as in explaining the merits of whippin *** when it is needed. We actually broke dawn talking about rules to live by and consequences for breaking them. Within a month she had moved in completely. Two years later she graduated with honors earning her BSN and is a registered nurse. I will say this that a few times she went to school and had to sit through a lecture and was not comfortable.
Now being in a HOH DD relationship for over 2 years we decided upon back then a Commitment Ceremony. This should do it for Part 1 however I'd like to add this at no time from when we started even now to this day there has never had any thing to do with sexuality it does not enter into our practice of DD not before, during and never after :( . Please feel free to comment or ask questions.   
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Very nice testimonial. Thank You for sharing.

Your story I am very excited, I like to wear diapers and dress up in them and my wife also. We drink wine and urine in diapers, and of course, masturbates. It's perverse and would like to see some pictures and if it's possible, add us to your friends ... Thanks ..

First let me say that me an wife are in CDD marriage ourselfs
it does wonders for the marriage when the wife is submissive
you were lucky to get just hand spanking for using drugs i had use the strap on my one daughter when i caught her useing an for sure it stop it right then an there
Yes CDD or DD marriage does not pertain to sex at all before or after

I would take from this that a simple hand spanking put an end to using dangerous drugs. I would say that aside from all of the other wonders it has done for your relationship this alone is well worth the risk you took.
I am delighted by your story I can not wait to read the rest of it.

I will take a firm bare butt spanking.

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me too and you'll know what I mean :